Tuesday, August 18, 2009

“…but for God all things are possible!”

Matt 19:26 "…but for God all things are possible!"

Often times we think that we are the makers of our way in life and our destiny is in our own hands, and that is partially correct. God has a plan… a Divine Plan for each of our lives and we must know it, understand it and put it into action. Many times over the course of our lives we have gone right when God said, go left… we have created road blocks, but we must understand that God writes straight with the crocked lines of our own lives. We get ourselves in so deep, we feel it impossible to get out of the mess we have made, but St. Paul tells us when we are weak, that is when Christ is strong within us. NOTHING is impossible for God, we must understand that. Put your problems, issues and worries in His Hand RIGHT NOW and call it DONE, in Jesus Name, and Live for God today. Ask Him, right now, to direct your path and He will, for nothing is impossible for God, "All things are possible through Christ Jesus!"

Blessings and Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be unto you and your family,

Richard Lane, Qorban Ministries – www.CatholicEvangelist.net

Keep on Keepin' On!

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OneCatholicDad said...

The priest at mass today had an interesting insight about the readings. Gideon, in the first reading, is making deals with God. We do that all the time. The Gospel for today basically says, "Stop it!" God is handling it. I found that a powerful insight.