Sunday, August 16, 2009

“The Purple Butterfly”

"The Purple Butterfly"

The color purple is a Royal color. During the time of Christ it was worn by both men and women and throughout history it even symbolized powerful Empires. The Butterfly is such a beautiful creation of God. Some say Butterfly's represent new beginnings. It goes through a metamorphosis, from a Caterpillar, being cocooned within it, to flying freely and magnificently. Let this day be a day of a New Beginning for you in Christ, as you allow Him to complete His metamorphic transformation in you, putting on a New Self in Christ Jesus. You are a Royal Gift of God who created you for this day; sore freely without bounds, giving the Love of Christ to others. (Special note – I love you, my Papeon; you are my Royal Gift from God)

Richard Lane, Qorban Ministries –

"Keep on Keepin' On!"

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