Wednesday, August 12, 2009

“… praise was on the tip of my tongue.”

Psalm 66:16-17 - Hear now, all you who fear God, while I declare what he has done for me. … praise was on the tip of my tongue.

Put a Praise on your tongue! Recognize what God has done for you; He gave you life; He gave you shelter; He gave you the Gift of Praise. When you appeal to God in prayer for supplications we Give Praise, Honor and Glory to Him for everything He has done for us and all that He will do for us, so always, put a praise on your tongue, because someone is going to need a Word today. A Word of Blessing; thanksgiving; a Word of encouragement and this is YOUR day to be a Blessing to someone else. Bless them with the Praise of the Glory of the Father in your life, to encourage them to seek Him for strength, understanding, wisdom and peace.

Richard Lane, Qorban Ministries –


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