Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rest in Peace, Haller Edward “Ed” Nutt…

"We must bury the dead in our lives…not just the people…but the BAGGAGE and ISSUES…we must bury them."

This was the theme of the Homily preached by the Late H. Edward Nutt's brother, Fr. Maurice J. Nutt. I was so very inspired to see the courage of this young, dynamic Priest, but mortal man who, while grieving the loss of his big brother, Preached his brothers "Home-going" Celebration today. What an inspiration to me that was.

Fr. Nutt chose the story of the death and rising of Lazarus as the point of his Homily. We all know the story as Lazarus had been dead for four days, before Jesus called Lazarus by name, to "come out". How many of us have dead issues in our lives that "we" do not bury and continue to resurrect in our lives? We ask God for His healing and guidance and He Graciously gives it to us when we ask. Yet in our own human nature, we continue to resurrect the dead issues, trials, tribulations, bad relationships, so many things that are harmful for our "Eternal Lives".

Why did Jesus wait, 4 days to resurrect Lazarus from the grave? The Bible tells us that he had been dead long enough for his body to be "stinking", meaning he was VERY DEAD and there was no doubt in anyone's mind. Jesus resurrected His beloved friend, so that the Miracle would prove…yet again, that Christ was truly doing the work and Will of the Father…the One who sent Him. Christ called Lazarus from the dead (so many OTHER dead among the body of Lazarus) by NAME! Had Christ just said "Come out" all of the DEAD would have come running to the Divine voice of the Son of Man, yet Christ called Lazarus by NAME.

God calls each of us by name, "I formed you, you are mine…you are precious in my eyes…" the Prophet Isaiah tells us. Yes, He has called EACH AND EVERYONE OF US BY NAME! Can we, like Lazarus, be obedient to the "Spoken Word of God" in our lives, to heed His command, to hear the voice of His Spirit which dwells within us all?

This is our challenge; to hear the Voice of the Spirit when He calls us. To act on that Voice as Lazarus did. We must bury our dead issues and live a new in Chirst; as St. Paul reminds us to Die to our Flesh.

Ed Nutt lived a short, but full life of giving of himself to his family, friends and to others. He is an example of, in death, teaching others to live. To LIVE in the Spirit of the LIVING GOD! To Love, Live and Serve others. Thank you Ed for your life; thank you Ed for your love; and thank you Ed for teaching me and others to Live…Live in the LIGHT of the World! May God be with you always my brother.

Keep us in your prayers, we will keep you in ours, and always… "Keep on Keepin' On!"

Peace 2 U!

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