Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is God’s favor upon you?

Look at the first instance of God's Favor in the Old Testament; it was said "The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering." Able brought to the Lord as an offering, fat portion of the first born of his flock. These were his "first fruits" that he offered up to the Lord for thanksgiving.

"But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord" Gen 6:8. Noah was a righteous man and he walked with the Lord and did as the Lord commanded him. He found favor with God. Why did these "ordinary" people find favor with God? They were ordinary people who did extraordinary things. They lived God's word daily. They were not without sin, but they still found favor with God. Are we without sin? Are we without blemish and stain? No we are not, but we are made clean by the blood of the Lamb. We are washed clean through our baptism. Christ suffered and died so we would not have to suffer in our own sinfulness. You might ask; "why does God not show me favor?" Oh, but He does. He shows us all His favor, but do we follow it? Do we listen? Do we go right when He whispers "left"? Do we try to take the short cut or the easy way when He wants us to take the "road less traveled?"

He shows us His favor each and every day of our lives when He blesses us to have one more day. He shows us His favor when we are lead out of danger. He shows us favor when we say "man one more minute and I would have been in that accident…One more second and I would have been killed by that stray bullet…If I had been in that spot when I said I was I would have suffered a similar fate as the other person did…" That is God's favor shining through on us all. God's favor is walking in His light when we could have chosen the darker path. God's favor is being blessed when we feel we should not have been. God's favor is in His Mercy when we feel we do not deserve it.

God's favor is shown to us in our daily lives one way or another…are you blessing someone with the goodness He has provided you with His favor? Let us all encourage each other to not only walk with God, but to walk with His favor because it shines through to us every day. Let us walk with the confidence and love of Jesus Christ who is TRUTH and He gives us the strength to walk with the favor of His Father when we are at our weakest. It is at exactly this point, when we are truly at our weakest, when Christ is our strength. Let us embrace the favor of Him given to us through His Father, and let the fruits of the Holy Spirit shine forth to all.

In Christ,

Evangelist Richard L. Lane – Qorban Ministries

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