Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anointing fall upon me…

"God is good ALL THE TIME…and ALL the time…GOD IS GOD!"

I felt as if I was still at home when I said these words here in Howell, New Jersey. As I completed my final night of a three day tent revival, it never ceases to amaze me at the Healing Power of our Lord. He is TRULY GOOD! The first night was so powerful with people coming together to be revived in the Spirit of the LIVING God. The first speaker was an amazing testimony of a New York Detective who was shot on the job and paralyzed from the waist down and uses a breathing tube for assistance. He forgave the man that shot him and actually befriended him and witnessed to him about his Faith in Jesus Christ.

The second speaker was… yours truly. I shared my conversion story along with my struggle with my biological father as well as my Heavenly Father's calling in my life, and how through the Grace of God I was able to forgive my father and learn more about how he truly had sought Christ for so many years, but found Him prior to his death. We were able to reconcile and God has blessed me for that tremendously.

The third speaker was a Holy Ghost anointed Priest from Newark, New Jersey, who ROCKED the house! What a blessing.

The second night it was yours truly, followed by the same Priest. After the conclusion of his talk, he led a healing service… a "Catholic Holy Ghost Healing Service"…yes you heard me, a "Catholic – Holy Ghost – Healing!" I asked if he needed my assistance in praying for people and he said yes. Little did I know what I was in store for. For the next hour and a half, I prayed over countless people, for healing of various ailments and illnesses. The Holy Ghost was present and powerful and people were "slain in the Spirit" and fell out. The Holy Ghost was working overtime in His Healing.

The final night, tonight, yours truly was the only speaker, prior to Mass, which was celebrated by a phenomenal Bishop, Bishop John Smith. I spoke of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) and re-commissioned everyone to "Go, and make disciples." I talked about the power of telling your story and invited several people to testify to the goodness of God in their own lives. Several people stood and testified to their healing, through prayer and the laying on of hands the previous night by myself and Fr. Bill. People were healed and still in the process of being healed. We talked about the importance of "Fire" in our lives…the Fire of the Holy Spirit and how through allowing God to take over our lives, through filling us with His Son, Jesus, we then allow our paths to be directed by the Holy Spirit. Through a "Daily Pentecost", we allow that Fire of the Holy Spirit to inhabit our beings and that Fire will spread throughout the World, setting the whole world a blaze for Christ Jesus!

So many people came to me and said thank you, for prayer, thank you for laying hands on me, thank you for speaking directly to me. All I can say is, "Thank you Howell, New Jersey for allowing me to serve. Thank you for showing me your love, thank you Howell for showing me the Fruit that the Holy Spirit has so graciously anointed me with…but most importantly… THANK YOU LORD GOD for allowing this humble and unworthy servant to do Your Will and to do Your work. Thank you, Spirit of the Living God for inhabiting me, not for my glory, but to Glorify the Father and to be a blessing to others. Thank you Jesus for strengthening me and allowing me to Keep on Keepin' on!"

God bless you and God be with you, Howell, New Jersey. Keep us in your prayers as we will continue to keep you in ours!

Peace 2 U!

Richard L. Lane, Catholic Evangelist – (Sent on the day we celebrate the Birth of the GREAT EVANGELIST – St. John the Baptist – PRAY FOR US!)

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