Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Black Catholic Opposes Stem Cell Amendment…

This is a "reprint" of an article originally published and written by Catholic Evangelist Richard Lane. Published 10/29/06 on the Catholic PRWire.

Does the "Truth" Hurt?

When a lie is exposed the "evil one" will stop at nothing to continue his untruth and deception(s), despite the fact that it will separate, torment and especially destroy people and lives. Evil will stop at nothing to continue to corrupt the very essence of humanity and its soul.

The great State of Missouri continues to be front and center in this battle of epic proportions over one key thing; Life. Those that wish to profit from the destruction of human life continue to pummel voters with deceptions and outright LIES.

LIE number 1; Proposition number 2, an amendment to the Missouri State Constitution says it "ensures the right to Missourians access to Stem Cell cures and therapies to its residents", as this proposition is currently written that statement is a LIE. If this proposition does not pass why would Missourians not have access to the same therapies and cures the other 49 states in this Union currently have? Any and every federally approved medical treatment is already legal in Missouri. Why do we need a Constitutional Amendment to ensure access to anything?

LIE number 2; it speaks of "Stem Cell Research" but it does not plainly articulate the distinct difference in research they are conducting; Adult Stem Cell research and Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The EVIL ONES are playing on emotions and continuing to spread FALSEHOODS and LIES to the Voters of this great State and not informing them of the TRUTH which is the "destruction of human life" at its earliest stage. Some would call a Human Embryo a "potential life". If you are reading this article YOU were once an Embryo which is "A LIFE WITH POTENTIAL"! There are well over 65 promising clinical trials with "Adult Stem Cells". How many Embryonic Stem Cell Therapies are their currently? ZERO, none, nothing!

LIE number 3; they say this is about cures for the future and that might be correct in "Adult Stem Cell" therapies but Embryonic research involves the "destruction of human life that has potential."

Recently there have been several outstanding efforts to thwart the distortions, lies, and deceptions surrounding this issue. The TRUTH has been given to the voters by several courageous individuals who continue to walk by Faith and do the right thing in this world filled with evil. Just as the EVIL ONE has always done when his falsehoods are exposed he strikes and hits us where it hurts the most, in our hearts and in our souls. He will stop at nothing to destroy us. He will use any and everything he can to hit us where it hurts especially in our families. He will out flank us and come around where we least expect it. He will separate our churches, schools and the very core of our existence. Yes the truth hurts, but we have to expose the truth for the greater good of mankind.

In 1932 the United States Public Health Service LIED to 399 men. The same federal government we are speaking of now manipulated, deceived and conducted "research" on 399 black men. This "research" (now exposed as a LIE) continued for 40 years when this LIE was exposed. This LIE "research" destroyed the lives of more than just the 399 victims of this experiment, as it affected the wives and children who also became unknowing and unwilling victims of an experiment again, sanctioned by the SAME government who continues to conduct "research" aimed at the destruction of life. The United States Public Health Service knew what disease these men were suffering from and had no intention on curing these 399 black men of syphilis at all. One of the doctors involved in the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment was quoted in saying, "As I see it, we have no further interest in these patients until they die."

The TRUTH of the matter is clear; Embryonic Stem Cell research destroys "life with potential". The heart of this is we need to continue to find alternative ways and means to obtain cures. Do we sacrifice human life for only a HOPE to find a cure?

Jesus Christ said, "I am the Way, the TRUTH and the Life…" You ask what is truth? I believe the very essence of TRUTH is the way Jesus Christ lived His life. He IS Truth…and you know what else? Jesus Christ was once an embryo. Jesus Christ was once a "life WITH potential."

Peace to you and yours.

Keep us in your prayers, we will keep you in ours, and ALWAYS… "Keep on Keepin' On!"

Qorban Ministries

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