Saturday, June 7, 2008

Man Vs. Wild...

This is a show that my wife and I watch from time to time. A man challenging nature in a quest for survival. Yes this is television and more than likely staged with emergency crews readily available, but this struggle goes so much deeper.

Today I feel that we are in a fight with the worst "Wild" that we could ever face. Relativism is fast approaching as one of, if not THE greatest evil we face. Conforming to this horrible society we have sunken too of non caring, non loving and one of "Man" can conquer all. Man will cure all the worlds Ill's, Man will cure Global Warming; Man will wind up conquering man. We are our own worst enemy with this feel good, fast paced world we have created, where we don't take time to ask the Holy Spirit for help, guidance. We don't take time to let God be God and we want to fix things on our own. Reminds me of Adam and Eve wanting to fix things on their own as well. Look where that got them.

Man Vs. Wild, I think it's Man Vs. Man and both will loose, unless we realize that there is ONLY ONE WAY. One Way to peace, One Way to cures, One Way to Life...Life Eternal and that is through Jesus.

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life..." (John 14:6) which is our sign for Hope, our "Road Map" if you will back HOME. Home to our Creator who created us in His own Divine Image and Likeness.

When the struggle of Man Vs. Wild comes in your life today and tomorrow, step back and think, "Is this the Way God wants for this truly what His Spirit wishes of me at this moment and at this time?"

Remember, God will ALWAYS make a Way out of no way in our lives. He continues to show us His Truth in His Son Jesus. Once we understand that our struggle is nothing and that "All things are possible for those that love the Lord..." (Romans 8:28), then and only then, through the Grace of God, will we continue to have Hope in the Divine Promise of Eternal LIFE with Him.

God bless you and always... "Keep on KEEPIN ON!"

Keep us in your prayers, we will continue to keep you in ours!

Peace 2 U!

Qorban Ministries

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