Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Three Black Pope’s…

I just realized someone asked the questions who were the other two of the three Black Pope's? I apologize for not getting this information out sooner, but here are all three Black Pope's and their information;

Pope St. Victor - Elected in 189 AD. He was deacon when he became Pope, a rarity then and now. He established a set date for the celebration of Easter yearly. He died a martyr for the faith in 199.

Pope St. Militiades - Reigned as Pope
from 311 - 314. He signed the emperor Constantine's famous Edict of Milan in 313, ending the persecutions, and making Christianity the established religion of the empire. He was considered an excellent Pope, "a son of peace and father of Christians" according to St. Augustine.

Pope St. Gelasius - Reigned from 492 -496. Born in Rome, he was renowned for his holiness, kindness and scholarship. He saved Rome from famine, composed a book of hymns for church use, was renowned for his concern for the poor and clarified church teaching on the Eucharist.


Achilles1973 said...

Thanks for the info. Lots of good information on your blog. Keep up the great work!!!

Achilles1973 said...

I think that after Pope Benedict XVI, we will be in store for yet another African Pope...Francis Cardinal Arinze. I wonder if he will take the name of one of the prior African Popes?