Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Angels Words to Mary Have Been Fulfilled…

As we approach the Birth of the Messiah in two days, we realize the Words Spoken by an Angel of the Lord have been fulfilled.

An Angel of the Lord was sent to a beautiful woman who knew him not, but yet at the words, "Be Not Afraid", she proclaimed that she was the Handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto her as he said.

Let us also follow in Mary's example to BE NOT AFRAID and say YES to the Lord in our daily lives. Yes Lord, I will proclaim your Glory today; Yes Lord, I will sing your praises today, despite my infirmities; Yes Lord, I will do your Will this day; Yes Lord I believe you are the Alpha and the Omega; Yes Lord, I will make you the center of my life; Yes Lord, I believe that you WILL DELIVER ALL MANKIND, if they just believe; Yes Lord, I will be Your Light in the darkness of this world… YES LORD YES!

As we finalize preparations for family celebrations, Church obligations, et. al, let us finalize our Preparations for the coming of the Lord and once again, each day, die to our sinfulness and say YES LORD, I live, once again, ANEW in you, because YOU loved me so much in my sinfulness that You sent the Light of the world, to save my soul.

The Words have been fulfilled my brothers and sisters, let us continue to sing His Praises and Magnify His name, for He is WORTHY of all Glory, Honor and Praise, for at the Might Name of JESUS – every knee shall bend and every head shall bow in Heaven and under the earth; for at the Name of EMMANUEL – our lives have been given NEW meaning – our Soul has found everlasting life within Him!

Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever more – let the Church say: AMEN!

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