Thursday, December 18, 2008

“Seize the Day…”

I want to thank the Producer Emily, of the Gus Lloyd Show for having me on Sirius Satellite Radio, this morning and also thanks to my friend and brother in Christ, Gus Lloyd for the great work that he does. Prior to my interview this morning, Gus did a reflection on the Gospel Reading today, and recounted how Matthew called St. Joseph a "Righteous Man", and how that term had been used for only a few people in the Bible. Noah, Abraham, etc., and how we not just especially father's, but all humanity are called to emulate this "Righteous Man", in how he (St. Joseph) said YES to the Lord, in his calling in life. St. Joseph said YES, I will serve you Lord; I will raise Your Son, despite the hard circumstances.

This reflection calls all of us to really realize what exactly WE are called to do. We ALSO are called to be RIGHTEOUS, and serve the Lord in our everyday lives, in all we do. We are called to be Righteous in how we live our lives, at work, at home and in the things we do for entertainment. Not all of us are called to the 'Religious Life', but yes we ARE called to be Evangelizers of the Gospel.

Pope Paul VI, told us that "…The Church (Catholic Church) Exists so that She may EVANGELIZE." We Evangelize in how we live our lives and treat others; how we love our brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as those who do not know Christ.

I have often told this story in some of my preaching around the Country, but there was once an atheist who said, "If Roman Catholic's honestly and truly believed that what they were receiving (the Eucharist) was truly the Body of Christ, they would literally be crawling on their hands and knees to go receive it." Think about that for a moment; do we really and truly understand what it is that we are receiving every time we attend the Holy Sacrifice of Mass? Are we just receiving a cracker and wine; do we really understand the magnitude of what we are taking in our body? Do we take the TRUE Body and Blood of Christ and keep it to ourselves, or do we tell others about this MAGNIFICIANT GIFT, we have received from God and encourage others to come and receive Him as well?

We must SEIZE THE DAY, every day of our lives. Every day is yet another opportunity to share the Love of Christ with someone else…have YOU taken the time to share Him with someone else today? Have YOU taken the time to share the Light of the World with someone else? Have you taken the time to thank God for the greatest Christmas Present the world has ever known? Take the time… TODAY to share Him with someone else…take the time…TODAY, to be a Blessing to someone else…do it NOW…SEIZE THE DAY, while the Day is still at hand…God will Bless you for it, more than you will ever know!

God bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and be Gracious unto you; may He continue to lift up His countenance upon you and grant you His Peace... amen, Amen and AMEN!

Keep on Keepin' on!

Qorban Ministries

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