Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank you…

Thank you so much to all that watched this edition of "The Journey Home." Thank you for all of the wonderful comments and especially for your prayers. They are truly needed.

It was more than we ever imagined it would be, for God to have taken us from the Streets of St. Louis, to proclaim His Glory to millions around the world. God is TRULY and AWESOME GOD!

Once again, we thank you so much for your prayers and asked them to continue for us, to be able to do what God has so Graciously blessed us to do, and that is to "Go…"

Peace be with you and always remember… KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON!

Qorban Ministries


Travis said...

Hey I am a Bible believing Christian and I am a follower of Christ and that is first and foremost! I just just have a couple questions for you and if you could answer them that would be sweet. #1: Does a person need to be a Catholic to enter the Kingdom of God? (that was one thing that I felt was implied in the EWTN interview) #2: Is the church (the place of worship) the only place to meet God? (I also felt that was implied) I thank you very much for your work and the one thing I agreed very much with is that when we take care of the poor and needy we interact with Jesus! What you do with the least of these you do unto me! Thats biblical and thats cool stuff! Anyway, thanks for the program and more insight in to the Catholic faith.

Norman said...

Thank you for your powerful witness for our sweet Lord Jesus and His Church. We need more witnesses like you and Mr. Grodi.

God Bless you all abundantly...


Nuky said...

Dear Richard I'm hispanic and pround of being Catholic, I was so happy yesterday when I Listen your testimony in Journey Home , I have some american friend I will recomend them your web site , because you have truly found the way that lead us to the Father that is Jesus Christ , I wish my English was much better , but there are not word in this world that I can use to let't you know how happy I'm to being part of the body of Christ ,His bride, his Church, God bless you .
With Fraternal Love