Friday, July 4, 2008

The Meaning of True Freedom

As we celebrate this day of our Nations Independence, let us reflect on the meaning of "True Freedom."

So many brave men and women have gone before us, giving of their lives so that we might have Rights and Freedom's in this Country. Free to live our lives, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom from illegal persecution and so many more freedoms, but as Christians are we TRULY free?

St. Paul tells us that we must be Slaves of Jesus Christ and we must give up our earthly and fleshly desires in order to serve Him, which means we must understand that certain freedoms are not really conducive to Christian Living. To truly live as a disciple of Christ, we must understand that we have to give up certain freedoms in order to take up our Cross and follow Him. We must be willing to love our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, unconditionally as Christ Loves us. We must be willing to forgive our transgressors 7 times 77 times and keep loving them. We must stand up for those who are not able to stand up for themselves; we must seek out the least, lost and most abandoned in our world, who are the poor, the needy and the suffering. St. Vincent de Paul put it so well, "We are the slaves of the poor and they are our masters…" We must learn to serve them and love them, for Christ said in His Sermon on the Mount – (Matthew 5), "Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

As we take this day and celebrate our Nations Freedom, let us join in prayer for those around the world that do not have even ¼ of the freedoms we enjoy, let us keep our Service men and women in our prayers, that they may come home to us and their families soon. That our world will enjoy the Freedom and love in Christ Jesus that is provided to each and every one of us, so Graciously by our Father; and May the Peace and love of the Holy Spirit continue to be with you all… amen, Amen and AMEN!

Remember, keep on KEEPIN ON and keep us in your prayers, we will keep you in ours!

Peace 2 U

Qorban Ministries

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