Friday, July 25, 2008

No greater love, than to lay down one’s life…

A few years ago there was a lot of controversy sparked by comments of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, stating that he would deny Holy Communion to then, Presidential Candidate Sen. John Kerry, then following that same stance, His Excellency Burkes stated he would also refuse Holy Communion to former Presidential Candidate Rudy Giulliani for his stance, as a Catholic, on "positions contrary to the moral law…". In this article, His Excellency "Burke says that anyone administering Communion is morally obligated to deny it to Catholic politicians who support an abortion-rights position contrary to church teaching."

There was an article that caught my attention on the internet surrounding a young man "smuggling" a Consecrated Host from Holy Mass, to be used for It's desecration by someone not of the Catholic Faith. I suppose this Blog will spark, yet another Blog on "The Eucharist, do we actually believe, it's the REAL Presence of Christ", but for now I would like to focus on Courage.

Would you be willing to lay down your life for your family, your child, mother, father, sibling, friend, neighbor? While serving almost six years in the United States Army as a Military Policeman, I put my life on the line each day in service to my Country, it's citizens, as well as my fellow brothers and sisters in the service, to protect our way of life. The question I ask myself (and ask you to consider as well) is do I have the Courage to put my life on the line for Jesus? Would I be willing to take a stand for Jesus? Would I be strong enough to face the public scrutiny, public humiliation, as an "Extraordinary Minister" of Holy Communion, to be able to deny someone "of note" Holy Communion?

As a Eucharistic Minister and/or Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, one MUST be willing to lay their life down for our Brother Jesus. We must continue to protect Him in every way possible, because He gave us EVERYTHING and what Love He has for each and every one of us to not only lay His Life down, but He continues to live through, with and in each and every one of us.

As Jesus was obedient to His Father's Will; as Jesus said a resounding YES to His Father, as a disciple of Christ, as a Christian, and most importantly as a Practicing Catholic, I TOO must have the courage to say… "Yes Lord. I will lay my life down for You!"

Jesus is ALIVE my brothers and sisters in Christ…He has RISEN and HE IS ALIVE…ALIVE within EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US! Let Him Live, and share Him with someone else today, because He told us, "If you deny me on earth, I will deny you before my Father."

Let us continue to pray for the all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, but especially, the Gift of Courage.

Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke, thank you for having the Courage of a Lion. Thank you for laying your life on the line for Christ, most importantly, thank you, Your Excellency, for showing us (myself in particular), not just what courage is…but, what TRUE LOVE is!

Praise be Jesus Christ NOW AND FOREVERMORE…amen, Amen and AMEN!

Peace 2 U and Keep us in your prayers, we will continue to keep you in ours and ALWAYS, remember… KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!

Qorban Ministries

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