Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Lord will not abandon His people

Someone recently asked me, how to I continue to keep on in this ministry, with the daily struggles of life. Bills, gas prices, the economy, most of all, retirement/401k.

First of all, I give Glory to God for putting me in this position for full time ministry. Secondly, I thank God for sending me such a "Priceless Gift" from Him, in a loving wife that supports and encourages all that I do. I heard a priest in New Jersey recently say, "There are living saints (of God) and then there are 'saint makers'." Believe you me; I am a "saint maker" because my wife is TRULY a saint to put up with this sinner! (smile) Lastly, it is Faith in God. Belief and knowledge that He will continue to provide NO MATTER WHAT; remember, "The Lord will not abandon His people."

Read what the Psalmist tells us in today's reading;

Psalm 94: 5-7 "They crush your people, Lord, torment your very own. They kill the widow and the alien; the fatherless they murder. They say, "The LORD does not see; the God of Jacob takes no notice."

Once again does this not sound vaguely familiar? Think about what we are going through in these times, Wars, murders, no confidence that our money is safe in our banks, the horrors and fears we face daily? Let's continue on and see what the Psalmist tells us…

    Psalm 94:8-23(some paraphrasing included) "Understand, you stupid people!
You fools, when will you be wise? Does the one who shaped the ear not hear? (Hear our daily cries and sorrows) The one who formed the eye not see? (Not see the turmoil we are currently in) Does the one who guides nations not rebuke? The one who teaches humans not have knowledge? The LORD does know human plans; (what we plan to do about something or about our lives and situation(s)) they are only puffs of air. Happy those whom you guide, LORD, whom you teach by your instruction. (Verse 14) You, LORD, will not forsake your people, nor abandon your very own. Judgment shall again be just, and all the upright of heart will follow it. If the LORD were not my help, I would long have been silent in the grave. When I say, "My foot is slipping," your love, LORD, holds me up. When cares increase within me, your comfort gives me joy. Can unjust judges be your allies, those who create burdens in the name of law, Those who conspire against the just and condemn the innocent to death? No, the LORD is my secure height, my God, the rock where I find refuge, Who will turn back their evil upon them and destroy them for their wickedness. Surely the LORD our God will destroy them!"

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, if the Lord were not our help, we would long have been silent in the grave. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US! He keeps us in His bosom; keeps us in the Palm of His Hand.

Let us stay STRONG, brothers and sisters in Christ and let us always remember, "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and rely not on your own understanding." When we have questions, doubts and fears, joys and triumphs, let us seek FIRST the Word of God, which continues to comfort us, because He is TRUE to His Word, because HE alone is GOD!


Keep on Keepin on, brothers and sisters!

Peace 2 U!

Qorban Ministries



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