Tuesday, September 29, 2009

“Who’s the greatest?”

Lk 9:46-48 – "Who's the greatest?"

We live in a world where we hate to lose; it is wrong for us to come in second, third and we laugh at the one who comes in dead last.

Chose to be last today and while waiting I want you to try to serve someone before you ensuring their comfort and satisfaction. It is not about the first to finish the race, but the blessing is in the fact that the race is finished when the last person crosses.

The Last shall be first and the first shall be last, the most downtrodden, oppressed and demoralized will be first and if you do God's Will, in serving them, they shall be ahead of you, so rejoice in the service of the Lord. (Dedicated to the memory of Rev. Bob Wirth, C.Ss.R. We love and miss you)

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