Tuesday, September 1, 2009

“God’s Hedge of Protection is Always With You!”

There have been many days we have cried out unto the Lord, asking Him, "Where are you in my situation?" Often times we do not see Him, and still we refuse to see Him in our lives and in our presence.

The Protection of God is always with His People. The Glory and Favor of God was upon the Children of Israel during the Exodus. He showed His protective power to them as the departed from Pharaoh. They were surrounded by a Cloud by Day and Fire by Night.

This same Saving Power – Saving Grace is still available to you this day, but in MUCH greater proportion! God gave His only Son, for the expiation of sin; Jesus suffered, died and rose again, Destroying and Defeating Death! Jesus told us that He was going to be with the Father, but He sent us an Advocate; the Holy Spirit who will be with us until the end of days! Jesus told us that there will be those that will do the works He did and those who come after Him, will do Greater Works!

For the Anointed and Appointed of God, (Baptized Christians) the Hedge of God's Protection is ALWAYS with you, now and forever more! YOU GOT THE POWER! The Power to Change, the Power to Love, the Power to Heal in Jesus' Name; the Power to affect change in the World! Use it for the Glory of the Father!


Evangelist Richard Lane, Qorban Ministries – www.CatholicEvangelist.net