Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“Is customer service and professionalism a lost art?”

This was the question posed by one of my family members on my Facebook page this afternoon and it caused me to do a little reflecting on this topic. I would say, emphatically YES, Service and Professionalism are a truly lost art. I went to the post office yesterday to check my P.O. Box and also to pick up mail that had been left at the post office, from an out of town trip, and low and behold at the 'Customer Service' desk was the same person who, approximately 6 week earlier gave me grief and actually called me a liar, because of something that was on my registration for my Post Office Box. I gently explained to the young lady that the home address on my registration card did not match that of my driver's license due to the fact that I had not renewed it as of yet. She went on and on about other things and in front of another of her co-workers, stated to me, "so you are now saying that this is not your correct address, when I just heard you say it was." I looked, and looked at the other lady and she said, "that is NOT what he said", but the original clerk said "that's what I heard" and I emphatically said "NO, I did not say that…I would not nor have any reason to be dishonest with you."

Yesterday this same clerk was at the window and had such a horrible attitude and look on her face, it was painfully obvious she did not want to be at work and was disgruntled with her job. It cause me to think about the millions of people who are currently out of work who would gladly do her job, with much more enthusiasm and courtesy – 'Serving' people who come in.

When I thought more today I immediately thought of 'service' in the Bible and thought of Mary Magdalene who showed up at the rich man Simon's home, to weep at the feet of Jesus. Mary was a 'worldly' woman and was well known for her sinfulness, and those who saw her in the house, worshiping at the feet of Jesus, I am certain took offense to her doing such a thing. They even looked at Jesus funny because he actually allowed it. No matter what others knew of her sins, Jesus knew her heart. She let down her long beautiful hair, wiped her tears from His feet and anointed them with expensive perfume. This caught many by surprise, but Jesus said; "Many sins have been forgiven her, because she loved very much." Then Jesus said to Mary kindly, "Your faith has made you safe; go in peace." From then on, Mary served Jesus and His Apostles.

Service must be done with love and kindness and yes it is a lost art in this relativistic world we currently live in, which teaches us to do as little as we can, with so much given to us and not worry about others. We must take yet another page in the teachings of Jesus, and remember that we must see His face in others, because only He knows their heart. In the face of evil we must remember what Mother Teresa said, "you can save someone's soul, with just a smile." When someone fails to serve you…serve them up a smile. Jesus knows your heart.

Evangelist Richard Lane – Qorban Ministries –

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KimGregory said...

Evangelist Lane, you are so right in that we all need to be more like Mary and serve others whether it be an expectation in our jobs or just within our family or community. The most important thing to remember is to do it with LOVE.