Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Between the Rooms", God's Door is always open...

The other day my wife and I rec'd the call everyone dreads. "Something has happened to Mamma..." We prayed and scrambled, scrambled and prayed and then took a breath...and prayed again.
I feel as if I am insulting this wonderful woman of God by calling her my Mother "In-Law" because of the stereotyped the name draws. She has never called me her son "in-law", but her son as I feel she is my mother as well. Such a wonderful, strong and loving woman who bore and raised four extremely intelligent children who turned out to all be wonderful, professional and God Loving People.
We arrived here in Grand Rapids yesterday after 7 plus hours of driving only to find the Matriarch of this family confined to a hospital bed, but yet her beautiful penetrating smile just pierces and lights up any room she is within. In the midst of her trial and suffering she still brings the Joy and Love of Christ to everyone she meets, even in the hospital.
As my wife and I were having lunch this afternoon, she reminisced on her life and the life of her wonderful 88 year YOUNG mother, and was saddened that this true matriarch of the family, who gave so much of her life to her family and others, who served God, the People of God as well as her community, has been relegated to a "room". All the stuff she has, to fill and entire home, here she is just in a 'room'. Those of you who know me, knew exactly where my mind went... straight into "Preach Mode" and I said, "for most of us, we are Born in a Room and for most of us, we will Die in a 'Room', but what matters MOST is what we do "Between the Rooms".
God gives us all free will. The Free Will to Love Him or turn our backs to Him; the free will to do right or wrong; to choose good over evil and that is what we are called to do between the rooms, which will decide our ultimate future.

God wishes and desires us to return to Him, the Creator and we must understand in this life that it is not about STUFF, how much stuff we have acquired because I have said before, "I have never seen a U'Haul Truck attached to a Hearse!" We can't take it with us, but we can leave something behind. We can leave a legacy of Love behind that will continue to be written for long after we have departed this earth, IF we do what God Wills of us. I am also reminded that there are many who are never born in a 'room' and many who never die in a room' and are born into an Evil world or situation and die a death that most of us could not ever imagine and we are all called to continue to pray for them as well and just "Make the World a Better Place".
God's door is always open to us, but so often we shy away from it, run away from it, go the opposite way, because of FEAR! We need to RUN through that Open Door because there is Salvation within it... ETERNAL Salvation through Him Who Saved us... Jesus Christ.
So I ask you...what are YOU doing between rooms? Have you walked through God's Open Door yet? He's waiting for YOU!
Blessings and Peace and Keep getting better Rita! We love you Momma!
Evangelist Richard Lane

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