Tuesday, March 31, 2009

“Water into Wine – Living the Sacraments – Day 1 Monday”

What a powerful first night for the Revival here at St. Peter Claver Parish in St. Inigoes, Maryland. They call it "The Holy House on the Hill".

Theme for the first night was ALLOW. We focused on the Sacrament of Baptism. John the Baptist was approached by Jesus and Jesus wanted him to baptize Him. John spoke to Jesus and said, that he was not worthy to do so, that he (John) needed to be Baptized by Jesus. John had to submit, humble himself and be obedient to Jesus and John had to ALLOW it to happen, for Prophecy to be fulfilled.

Why do we have Holy Water at the door of every Catholic Church? To remind us of our Baptism, it is a constant reminder that we must continuously submit to God, humble ourselves to His Will in our lives and also it is a constant reminder of our sinfulness, but we are made clean through Baptism.

We also focused on Conversion. I told of my conversion story of how I let go and let God, and He made straight the crooked lines of my life. We ALL must have a DAILY Conversion of Spirit in order for us to pick up our Cross and Follow Jesus and we must Die to our sinful flesh and live ANEW in the Spirit, if we are going to Walk in the Spirit. We talked about fear which keeps us from doing the Will of God and how God continues to give us Graces to fight our fears each day.

We re-committed ourselves to God, we had yet a Daily Conversion and we SPOKE to the LORD and allowed Him again to come into our Hearts and have a RELATIONSHIP with Him. We invited Him to take over our lives so that we may live ANEW IN Him.

This small Church, was PACKED with people HUNGRY for the Word of God and what a Glorious Night was had by the People of God within this wonderful Community. Lives were touched, a NEW Love for Christ was generated, and people were BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVORED to GIVE that FAVOR of God away freely to others, as we walk in the Light of Christ… "Take me to the water….take me to the water…..take me to the water….to be Baptized!"

Thank you Lord!

Qorban Ministries

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