Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catholic Men for Christ 09'...

"The largest Catholic Men's Conference in the Mid-west" is what a local St. Louis television station is calling our 2nd Annual Catholic Men for Christ Men's Conference which was held today, March 21, 2009.

Over 1,100 men came to the America's Center in Downtown St. Louis, for a POWERFUL day of Testimonies and Inspirational talks.

For nationally recognized men gave very inspirational messages this morning, leading off with "The Latin Lover of our Lord and Our Lady", Catholic Lay Evangelist Jesse Romero gave the men in attendance a TOUGH Spiritual Workout in as he calls it, "The Lord's Gym".

Next up was Fr. Larry Richards who litterally, beat the DEVIL OUT of the men gathered. After his powerful talk, hundreds of men flocked to the Confessional's to receive the Sacrament of Reconcilliation.

Third, we had Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers from EWTN's (Eternal Word Television Network) "Behold the Man" Series. Deacon Harold preached on the power of forgiveness and challenged the men to truly step up and take control of their lives.

The Closer; well, after listening to these awesome speakers, yours truly, Richard Lane, stepped up eagerly to take the ball and run for JESUS! I challenged the men to a RADICAL commitment to TRUE CHANGE. We stood and recommitted our lives to Jesus, once again accepting Him as our Lord and Savior, and promising to take His message of Salvation to the world.

Finally, Jesus Christ blessed everyone, in the Holy Sacrafice of Mass. Bishop Robert Hermann, did an awesome job as always in delivering an inspirational Homily.

The men of the planning team did an outstanding job as they have the past two years, and this would not have come to fruition without their leadership and hands. The 2010 Conference Planning will begin next week, so Holy Spirit, fill us.

This day was not about the speakers, but ONLY for the Men who came, to inspire them to Hope Against Hope, to understand that following Jesus, requires a RADICAL COMMITMENT to Him and to have NO FEAR! Inspiring them to become better men, husbands, fathers, brothers and citizens of the world.

A heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in this event in all areas, but all GLORY AND HONOR to our Lord God.

Qorban Ministries

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