Monday, March 30, 2009

Feeding of the 3,000 in 2009!

I am in the midst of a long, but Glorious road trip right now. On Wednesday the 25th of March, I was blessed to be able to preach at a prayer service at St. Antoninus Parish in Newark, New Jersey. 30 people gathered for weekly prayer and praise on a Wednesday night and we saw the POWER of the Holy Spirit's anointing upon so many who had come, HUNGRY, to hear the Word of God. After the prayer service, we prayed and had a Laying on of Hands. The Holy Spirit did His work and people received the Anointing of God. The Power of the Holy Spirit was truly working His Glories.

Earlier in the day, I went to do a hospital visit to Joshua. I had been told that someone was in the hospital with an unknown illness that had come on all of a sudden, without warning and without explanation. Joshua was healthy and all of a sudden about a month ago, his organs began to shut down and he was near death.

To my surprise upon my arrival, Joshua was a baby. 19 months old and was in what some would call a 'vegetative state' and none responsive. Hoping against Hope, Joshua's mother continued to have Faith in the Healing Power of our Lord, against the advice and diagnosis of the doctors. Due to not only her prayer but the continued prayer and faith of the Community of St. Antoninus, Joshua had been healed enough to be released into rehabilitation the following day. This child of God had made a TRULY Miraculous recovery. What is impossible for Man, is POSSIBLE for God…rely NOT on your own understanding. The prayers of the community, united with the prayers of the Angels and Saints in Heaven, healed and are continuing to heal young Joshua. PRAISE BE JESUS CHRIST NOW AND FOREVER MORE! What inspiration that gave me.

Thursday, I was able to go with Fr. Bill and actually participate in a weekly Bible Study for a group of Catholic's at the United Nations building in New York. Bible Study at the U.N.? Wow the Lord takes you places you never thought you would go…when you say YES TO HIM! Thank you Lord.

Friday evening was unbelievable. I was asked to go to a Parish in Orange, New Jersey, about 45 minutes from Newark at St. John the Evangelist. I was told there was going to be a 'Healing Mass' conducted. To my SHOCK, upon arrival, (two hours early), there were HUNDREDS of people not only in the Parish, but lined up waiting to get in. By the time Mass began, there were 3,000 people gathered at this Parish and all had come for Healing! Wheel chairs lined up, people with walkers, canes, on respirators, breathing machines, all seeking one thing from the Lord…HEALING.

The Priest did an AWESOME Mass, and advised them that HE was not the one that would heal them, but it would be Jesus Christ, in the EUCHARIST who would give them Healing.

After the Mass had ended, the Priest then informed the faithful, that they had in fact been Healed, by receiving the Eucharist and also advised them that God's Healing, comes in HIS TIME and in HIS FORM, so they might not get out of the wheel chair that minute and run the Boston Marathon, but in fact they Had been Healed and he was only going to lay hands and pray for them.

God IS GOOD, brothers and sisters, and with my OWN eyes, I witnessed the Miraculous Healing Power of the Lord, people who could not walk, had began to walk, a woman who had been confined to a wheel chair for seven years, was actually walking, God was working His Healing Powers and those who were there SAW the Healing Power of the Lord. PRAISE BE JESUS CHRIST!

From 8:30pm until almost 3:00am, the Priest prayed over and laid hands on EVERYONE who had come for Healing; my brothers and sisters, God IS STILL in the Healing Business!

Saturday the 28th, I was blessed to be able to do a one day Lenten Mission for the Faith Community of Blessed Sacrament/St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Newark, New Jersey and what a GLORIOUS day was had their. Thank you to the wonderful Faith community for allowing me to serve you.

Now, I am in St. Inigoes, Maryland and just completed the first night of three night Revival for St. Peter Claver Parish. Stay tuned for more Testimonies of God's Glories!

Please pray for us!

Qorban Ministries

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