Monday, May 18, 2009

Healing Power of Jesus - Rest in Peace brother Delbert...

About three years ago, a man from my Parish approached me and asked me to pray for him, as he was suffering from Cancer.  I did not recognize Delbert at that time, but would grow to know and love him very much.

Without hesitation, I asked him to step in front of the High Altar of our Church, in front of the Tabernacle, containing the Blessed Sacrament.  I laid my hands on Delbert's head and prayed to the Lord our God to please continue to Bless and Heal Delbert of his affliction.

Several weeks later Delbert came up to me and shook my hand and hugged me and said "thank you Brother Richard for praying for me, I feel so much better and the Cancer levels are slowly decreasing in my body...thank you so much for your prayers."  Delbert would continue to do this for many many weeks later and for years to come.  It really made me feel uncomfortable at first, because I would always tell him, "Don't thank me, Thank God", but I learned humility in this interaction with my brother.  To be able to accept someones thanks, not because I had healed him, but in my saying "Yes" to the Holy Spirit, I allowed God to use me to bring Healing to someone, for the Greater Glory of God and not my own.  I thank our Blessed Mother Mary, who showed us ALL the way to say "Yes" to God when He wants to use us for His Blessings.

I would always tell Delbert, "you are more than welcome for my prayers brother and I thank you for your prayers for my wife and I."  My prayer on that day was for God to Heal Delbert and just as in the case of the Blind Man, God Healed Him as well, giving him site.  Now Delbert continued to live a wonderful life, and loved his family deeply, but then about two weeks ago, he was afflicted once again.  My wife and I had not been able to get over to see him, but we knew that Delbert was still smiling and praising God in the midst of his affliction, because that was the kind of Spirit Delbert had.  

Well, today about 11:30 am, God answered our prayers and Healed Delbert.  God called Delbert home today, and only 30 minutes prior to my wife and I walking in the front door of his house to pay him a visit.  His family was in the house gathered together and they were prepared as much as any family could be, to be able to let go of their loved one, allowing God's natural course of bringing us all Home, to happen.  Jesus gave site to the blind man, according to his Faith and the man was immediately healed, just the same as Jesus gave Healing to Delbert to be able to enjoy the last years of his life, and to accept his plight without malice, anger or bitterness.  Delbert, like the Blind man, continued to Praise God for His Healing power.

I thank you Jesus for your Healing Power and I thank you for allowing me to see Your face in Delbert Beard.  I pray that You would open WIDE the Gates of Heaven to receive your good and faithful servant.  May You allow Delbert to be a blessing to those of us who knew him and were not able to know him, use him Lord as an instrument of Your Healing Power for others.

God bless you my Brother (in Christ) Delbert and I pray we will see each other again soon, in the Kingdom of Heaven.  "Hail Mary, full of Grace, Blessed are you among women and Blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us and at the hour of our death... amen, Amen and let the Church say.... AMEN!

We love you Delbert Beard.  Rest in Peace.

Richard & Donna Lane 

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Ultijet-Ultimate Thermal Ink Jet said...

Delbert and Shirley have been my neighbors now for about 7 years. Delbert is no doubt an exemplary Christian man. He is the epitome of friendliness and caring. I will value always his friendly face and disposition.

I know Jesus has opened His arms to welcome Delbert home.

May he rest in peace always!

Rita Swettenham