Sunday, May 3, 2009

Through the Storms...

My wife and I drove from St. Louis to Ball Play, Alabama last Thursday for my Family Reunion (see previous blog) and as we were driving, as soon as we set out on our journey pre-dawn Thursday morning, it was raining Cats and Dogs.  The rain and mist coming from the tires of trucks and passing cars was so bad at times, there were several periods of what seemed to be minutes, where I was driving completely blind.
I commented to my wife as we neared the end of
 our 8 hour drive back home today that in my over 30 years of driving, I had never taken a trip where during the drive of 15 hours it rained for more than 13 of the 15 hours.

Reflecting on the trip this evening made me really realize just how much that reminded me of life's journeys for us.  Many lives go through many many storms, and some are driving completely blind and hoping there is road ahead, only to find an abrupt ending of nothing, a wall, a closed bridge, a closed door and it seems as if their whole world has crashed upon them, and their own lives are virtually snuffed out as if they had no life preserver, no seat belt on and no air bag for protection.  (Quick did we survive this long, especially 30 years ago we had no air bags in cars...something to make you go....Hmmmm.)

Our Protection, Life Preserver was and always will be, Jesus Christ.  Prior to us leaving we said a prayer asking for God's protection upon us, not knowing the storms that were ahead of us, but WE kept driving THROUGH the STORMS - TOGETHER, with Jesus as our Guide.
Brothers and Sisters in this modern world and time, it seems as if the Storm continues to rage more and more each day, as the economy struggles to recover, the worlds largest and oldest companies are going bankrupt and now we are scrambling in fear of a new virus the world has never seen and has no cure for.  The winds of violence are blowing our worlds about like a Hot Wheels Car on the Talladega Speed Way; the Rain of uncertainty violently pushes us to the point where we need to pull off the road and wait for the Storm to pass over.  

If we continue to press on through the Storms of our lives, if we continue to seek the Lord FIRST everyday, and have Him with us, then He will guide us through the Storms and we will see the Sun through the Clouds and the Rays of the S.O.N. will shine down upon us.  For it is THROUGH Him, we see the light in the midst of the Storm; for WITH Him, He will guide us through the Storm; and if we are IN Him, we shall fear NO EVIL, because HE Comforts, Protects and Saves.

Brothers and Sisters, KEEP ON KEEPIN on through the Storms, like Donna and I did on this road trip, because no matter how hard it may be, the SUN and the SON are at our final destination....waiting with open arms for us.  We MUST continue to PRESS the Name of Jesus... amen, Amen and let the Church say... AMEN!

Evangelist Richard Lane 

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