Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Fair minded words..."

The words President Obama used to describe the divisions of the issue of Abortion between Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choice were those of, let us use "fair minded words", to describe our divisions of policy.

POLICY?!?!  POLICY?!?!?  You (Mr. President) are describing the right to LIVE of a Human Being, an unborn child as "Policy"?  This is such an abomination that is so unfathomable and incomprehensible I cannot understand.  A debate that will continue to go on throughout the course of humanity our President continued on to say, but this 'debate' will end when the time comes for EVERYONE to be held accountable for their actions and in actions as well.  A time will come when we are all going to have to give account to our Creator as to why we did not stand up for the least, and most voiceless of all human beings; our unborn children.

To continue on in this idiotic tyrad of speaking about how 'we will use ethical modern science' for research on healing of illnesses the plague our society, is such a laughing matter in my mind, it is ridiculous.  The ONLY reason 'they' are behind research is for MONEY and personal glorification.

How can we continue to stand in the way of God, and sacrifice our unborn babies, the future of not only this Country, but the future of all humanity.  To see this abomination happen at Our Lady's University is a true sacrilege to what we truly believe in... "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness for ALL people...", even the unborn!

God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Jesus, Mary & Joseph... PRAY FOR US!

Evangelist Richard Lane 

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