Thursday, January 8, 2009

You are Priest, Prophet and King! Part – 1

One of the great blessings I get to experience each year is participating in the events of Holy Saturday, with my wife who is the D.R.E. – Director of Religious Education at our Parish. I so much enjoy seeing people LITTERALLY BORN AGAIN, through Baptism. Seeing someone one moment and then seeing the NEW person rise from being immersed in the Cleansing waters of Baptism. It don't get much better than that…but then again…IT DOES!

I came into Full Communion with the Church on Holy Saturday, April 19, 2005 and unlike cradle Catholic's, I was an adult and realized the Graces I was receiving when the Priest anointed me 'Priest, Prophet and KING' during this Glorious Celebration. Do we (Converts and Cradle Catholic's) really understand the TRUE meaning of the anointing we receive? Do you realize that YOU…yes YOU and I have been anointed a PRIEST?

No, we did not secretly receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders, so don't run out tomorrow and tell your Parish Priest that you want to Preach the next Homily!

During this and the next two emails, we will take a brief look at our anointing – Priest – Prophet – King.

Priest – what was the mission or vocation of the Priest in the Old Testament? His primary mission was to offer sacrifices; Sacrifices to God on behalf of the people of God. The Priest, in the O.T. was the representative of man (the people of God), TO God; calling His people to reconciliation, and redemption.

Was Jesus a Priest? As my brother and co-host of the radio show I do each week, would say; "any properly catechized 5th grader would tell you…" YES, Jesus was not only a Priest, but He was the HIGH Priest. As the Priests in the Old Testament were called to offer sacrifices to God from the People, as they were the representatives of the People to God, so is JESUS our representative to God. Jesus is OUR mediator – THE mediator between humanity and God. Jesus Christ, the High Priest, offered the GREATEST Sacrifice – Himself, on behalf of ALL the People of God.

So you say, how does this relate to me being a Priest? We too as baptized Catholic's are called to Priesthood as well, not in that of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but the heart of the Priesthood for the Laity is 'Sacrifice'! Sacrifice of ourselves TO God for the benefit and service of others. Offering of our prayers, our service, our sufferings to God (Offer it up) in the sacrifice of self, for the benefit and edification of others. THIS is true love, sacrificing of self for the love of our brothers and sisters.

Yes my sister and my brother, YOU ARE called to be a Priest – like Jesus, we are to sacrifice ourselves – DIE to the fleshly and earthly desires of this world, so that we ALL may inherit the Kingdom, where the High Priest, LIVES, and Reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit – One God – Forever and ever – let the Church say… AMEN!

God bless you and KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON!

Qorban Ministries

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