Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pro-Life: She Would Have Been My Wife!

This was something I received a while ago and wanted to share. God bless you all.


"I can only imagine that her name would have been Story. It hurts too much to even think of what her last name would have been. She would have been the most beautiful girl on earth. She would have had pretty brown skin, long black hair, and gorgeous hazel eyes. She would have had the most picturesque smile to go along with that goofy laugh that she would have had. She would have been really smart and outgoing, yet shy at the same time.

She would have been able to get along with anybody, and I do mean anybody! I would have asked her to be my girlfriend and I would have liked to think that she would have said "Yes" with that delightful voice that she would have had. I have to admit that I would have been "lovestruck" over her!

I would have done anything for her. It hurts too much to think about my love, Story, because she was killed in the most heinous, cruel, and selfish way. Story will never ever be able to have a proper burial; her name won't even be printed in the Times Picayune so that the world could have known her like I would have known her.

She will never be able to experience human life as you and I know it to be. Story was aborted, killed in her mother's womb. I am doing what my love, "Story" would have wanted me to do, and that is to give her and others killed like her the respect that they all deserve. I dedicated this article to all the unborn babies who will never be able to experience human life because of the existing abortion laws.

If I could just have had the chance to see her, I would tell her that I'm sorry that I wasn't able to protect her like I should have been able to do. I would tell her that she deserved to live and that somebody does love her. I would tell her that I miss never smelling the sweet scent that she would have had. I would tell her that her parents did love her, but for whatever reason they weren't prepared to have her. I don't know exactly how I would tell her this, but I would dig deep inside my heart to find a way to tell her.

I would tell her that I did try to save her by educating people about human life, and that she did exist from that very time those 46 chromosomes (23 from her mother and 23 from her father) came together to create her. I would tell her that id did tell people that she already had that flawless look, that flawless laugh, and that flawless personality; because from that time (when 46 chromosomes came together) she had already had the personality traits of her "would-have-been" mom and dad. I would tell her that from now on I promise to defend all human life.

Story and all unborn children killed by abortion deserved to live. Abortion in my opinion is a massacre that must be stopped. I ask all of you to educate yourselves about abortion, so that your future wives or husbands, doctors, lawyers, scientists, and teachers will not be unjustly killed. Help me honor Story by helping me and other pro-lifers put an end to Roe v. Wade (a Supreme Court Ruling that allows abortions to be performed legally in this country to this very day.)

I hope that I have honored you Story by telling your story to others. I want you to know that you would have been my wife. I love you Story… R.I.P. (Rest in Peace)

Author – Kevin Toy, Senior at St. Augustine High School (Josephite Fathers and Brothers) in New Orleans, LA. Date unknown.


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