Monday, June 8, 2009

Pentecost Sunday - Catholic Preaching in a Baptist Church...

What a blessing it was to be invited to preach on one of the Holiest Days in the Church. The Birth of the Church, Pentecost Sunday.
If I said 'Thank you' to Dr. Michael P. Williams, Founding Pastor of JOY Baptist Tabernacle in Houston, Texas, it would be such an understatement. I am so thankful to this wonderful and powerful man of God, for having the courage to reach over denominational lines and invite a Catholic Evangelist to minister in his wonderful church. JOY Tabernacle is truly a place of Worship and Praise for our Risen Lord and He is truly ALIVE in this vibrant and loving church. "Yes Doc, it is a 'cut loose' church!"
Donna and I were treated like royalty when we arrived in Houston, and they took such great and tender care of ensuring our every need was not just met, but exceeded. On Saturday morning, while completing my final preparations for my preaching for Sunday, my laptop crashed and 90% of all I had prepared was gone. Yes, I basically went into a panic and was completely flustered. After a while of running around the Hotel Suite we were in, acting like an idiot, with my wife laughing at me, she looked at me as she always does and said "would you please stop doing this to yourself, and ask the Holy Spirit, to do what He does."
When we face so many issues each and everyday, many of us forget that God is in control, especially when we are not. More than likely, (I doubt it though, basically my fault, as usual) the Holy Spirit did not want me to rely on my own preparation, but on Him instead. I listened to my dear wife, and said, "Lord, it's up to you now."
Sunday morning came and the Holy Spirit showed up and showed OUT! We had a wonderful time in the Lord and Praising His Holy Name that morning. The message the Holy Spirit gave me for that day was that of the Kerygma, which I had never preached before and was so excited to do so. The main points that were stressed were "Action - Access - Authority." We as a Christian People must realize that we MUST have that personal relationship with Jesus and that requires us to take "Action". Once that Relationship is established fully, we are then granted Access to the Lord, through Prayer. This Divine Access we have, gives us "Authority" through Jesus Christ, to do what He Commanded us to do, and that is to "Go and make Disciples..."
I believe and pray, the People of God, gathered together at JOY Tabernacle on Pentecost Sunday, were moved and inspired by the Holy Spirit, not to just enjoy Pentecost Sunday, but to have a DAILY PENTECOST in their lives. We must ALL take the 'Action' of following Him, and using the 'Access' we have in prayer to communicate with Our Lord, and finally realizing that He has given us the 'Authority' to use His Name, (John 14:13) and ask Him for whatever we need.
Remember, KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON, no matter how hard, or how narrow the road to Hope is... JESUS will make a Way, out of no way. I am standing on His promise, because I TRULY need Him... now, and everyday!
Keep us in your prayers and we will keep you in ours.
Evangelist Richard Lane
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