Sunday, November 1, 2009

Black Catholic History Month - November 1

The month of November is Black Catholic History month and in order for us to truly celebrate this month, we will feature a Saint of African Decent, as well as those who have made significant contributions toward evangelization of African's, Slaves as well as African-Americans. Featured as well, during this month will also be several Blessed's, Venerables, as well as those who might not yet be up for Sainthood (Cannonization), but have made a significant impact upon our Church.

Today we begin with the Patron of African-Americans, St. Benedict the Black.

St. Bendict the Black
Feastday: April 4

"There is a saint called Benedict the Black or Benedict the Moor. He was born a slave near Messina, Italy. He was freed by his master and became a solitary, eventually settling with other hermits at Montepellegrino. He was made superior of the community, but when he was about thirty-eight, Pope Pius IV disbanded communities of solitaries and he became a Franciscan lay brother and the cook at St. Mary's convent near Palermo. He was appointed, against his will, superior of the convent when it opted for the reform, though he could neither read nor write. After serving as superior, he became novice master but asked to be relieved of this post and return to his former position of cook. His holiness, reputation for miracles, and his fame as a confessor brought hordes of visitors to see the obscure and humble cook. He died at the convent, was canonized in 1807, and is the patron of Blacks in the United States. The surname "the Moor" is a misnomer originating from the Italian il moro (the black). His feast day is April 4th."

(The above information is courtesy of Catholic.Org/Saints)

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